Leader of Modern Skincare

Founded by Steve Jan, a skincare expert with over 27 years of cosmetics and skincare experience in the United States. 

Whether it's the design of our packaging, creation of our luxury products, marketing, implementation of laws and regulations, or providing support and skincare education, our team of professionals is constantly striving to deliver a quality experience and unparalleled service to each and every customer.

At Yibu Beauty, we believe in self care first, so we can live more enriching lives. This allows us and those who embrace this philosophy to better help others. When we are strong in mind and body, we are at our best to serve our family, friends, and others around us.

Yibu Beauty's Mission

Provide high quality skincare, that is uncomplicated and easy to use, at a value that instills loyalty.

Yibu Beauty's Vision

Confidence, though a reflection of unique beauty.