Why We Support No Kill Animal Shelters

It's been a passion for our CEO to support no kill animal shelters. Steve first adopted a dog named Violet 10 years ago and his life changed forever. Violet was sweet and just loved everyone and other dogs. Few years later, after the passing of Violet, Steve opened his heart to another rescue and named her Scarlett. Scarlett was more guarded towards other humans but absolutely adored Steve; she was loyal and protective. Both Violet and Scarlett had health issues and Scarlett joined others in doggie heaven due a progressing heart murmur. It took a while this time for Steve to welcome another new family member until he met Charlotte recently. Steve is still trying to learn her personality but is already in love with her calm demeanor and enjoy their time napping together.                                                                                 
For over a decade, Steve and his partner have been donating to local no kill animal shelters, so it is natural to continue the support through Yibu Beauty. One of Yibu Beauty's mission is to ensure your purchase of skincare will change your life, and also help change the lives of animals in need of a forever home. 
Yibu Beauty will donate a portion of sales to local no kill animal shelters. It’s more than looking beautiful at Yibu Beauty.                                                                                                          
Did you know?
Dog and cat shelter stats from The Humane Society:
  • 6-8 million enter shelters
  • 4 million are adopted
  • 3 million are put down. Of these, approximately 2.4 million are healthy and treatable and could have been adopted into new homes. 
  • 25% of shelter dogs are purebread
How Shelters Work from Humphrey the Hound written by Kylie Chang, 15:
  • Traditional Shelters must accept all strays, which due to lack of room means they must put down animals they've held longer or who are injured or ill.
  • Adoption Guarantee Shelters (No Kill Shelters) have the luxury of only taking animals when they have space for them, so they are able to hold animals for longer periods of time, giving them more opportunities to get adopted. Even Adoption Guarantee Shelters are often forced to make the difficult decisions to euthanize animals that are severely under-socialized, danger to people or other animals, or in need of extensive medical treatment that the shelter's resources are not adequate to safely or humanely place these animals into homes. While each shelter operates differently, all share the same goal -- to place as many animals into loving homes as possible. 

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