February is the Month of Love. Fall in Love with Your Skin!

February is the Month of Love. Fall in Love with Your Skin!

Here Are the 3 Things to Know About Skin Health

Normally, we think of skin in terms of what we can apply on it (like a juicy toner-serum-moisturizer sandwich). But thinking about your face in terms of skin health is just as crucial as creating the perfect skincare routine. Skin, as the largest organ in our bodies, is influenced by our overall health in the same way that our lungs, brain, and heart are.

Taking a holistic approach to your skincare routine will help you clear up your skin. 

Here are three surprising facts that will help you practice healthier skin practices to start off the month of love on a glowing note.

  1. Just like seasons, your skin will change too.

 You've done all the groundwork in determining your skin type, but keep in mind that things change. Whether your face is oily, dry, or a combination of both, factors such as cummulative UV exposure, pollution, menopause, or glycosylation can cause your skin to fluctuate. 

Pay close attention to your complexion's daily condition to ensure you're utilizing the proper products—don't assume your skin is acne-prone. Shopping with a comprehensive list of skin requirements in mind will assist you in finding the perfect product, especially when internal and external variables influence your skin over time. 

  1. Overflowing to-do list sabotages your skin

 When you're under a great deal of stress, your skin will eventually reveal it. "Stress, whether mental, physical, or emotional, causes the production of chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol, which convey signals to the skin," according to researchers. Wound healing is slowed, the barrier function is disrupted, there is excess oil production, and there is dehydration. These effects may not be seen right away, but they build up over time until you're dealing with sudden outbreaks or an eczema flare-up.

 Rather than disregarding your feelings, use this as a reminder to set aside some time to relax. Make self-care a priority this year, whether it's scheduling time to binge-watch Netflix or relaxing with a soothing bath soak and face mask. 

  1. Drinking more water won't make you glow, but getting enough sleep will

Despite how many times we've heard celebrities swear that drinking more water is the key to having clear skin, research shows that this is fiction. Water enters your other organs before it reaches your skin, so as long as you're not dehydrated, your daily water intake has little effect on your appearance. Instead, concentrate on obtaining enough beauty sleep.

Hormone levels, metabolism, the immune system, and the skin's ecology are all influenced by sleep. Existing skin disorders such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and acne can be exacerbated by late-night bedtimes. Sleep debt increases inflammation and accelerates the aging process, and you can't make up those lost hours on the weekend. Make your bedroom as relaxing as possible by slipping on a silk eye mask and investing in an aromatherapy pillow spray, then drift asleep to healthier, happier skin.

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