8 tips for taking care of your skin in the summer

The element that most influences skin damage is ultraviolet radiation, which comes mainly from the sun, although it can also be found in artificial devices such as sunbeds. Too much sun is harmful, accelerating premature aging of the skin. Sweating and dust can cause unpleasant rashes. So during the summer, we recommend everyone to pay particular attention to skincare. Here are a few simple ways to protect your skin from problems during the hottest period of the year. 

  1. Daily skin cleansing: In the hot summer months, the skin needs to be kept clean, free of dust, impurities, and perspiration, which can facilitate the appearance of pimples. So be sure to spray your face with water at least 3 times a day; you do not need to use a cleansing lotion, clean water is enough. Once or twice a week, exfoliate to deeply cleanse the skin, using a scrub suitable for your skin type - if your skin is oily and prone to pimples, use a basil scrub or rose quartz roller, while for a dry and mature complexion you can use an egg white, lemon or turmeric scrub.
  2. Hydration: The pool, the sea, and the sun dry out the skin a lot, so we have to give special importance to its hydration. We cannot do without facial and body moisturizers. Applying them daily after your cleansing routine.
  3. Use appropriate products: The creams and oily lotions you used in the winter are no longer as useful once the weather warms up; you can use them instead on very dry areas of the skin, such as the feet. During the summer, your skin needs care and moisturizing products that allow it to breathe, so use light lotions and face serums and avoid products that can clog pores. Water-based moisturizers and lotions work best for normal skin types, gel-based skin remedies are recommended for oily skin, and for very oily and acne-prone skin it is advisable to use facial sprays with minerals beneficial to the skin.
  4. Drink plenty of water: It is the ideal way to hydrate your body and skin inside and out. Adequate water consumption visually improves the skin, providing great luminosity, and we must drink more water during hot weather.
  5. Wear a hat and sunglasses: Protect the scalp and eyes in the same way as the skin, using approved hats and sunglasses, with a guarantee certificate and CE marking.
  6. Balanced diet: During the summer it is convenient that we consume more fruits, vegetables, and greens since, in addition to having antioxidant properties, they help cell regeneration of skin tissues.
  7. Natural remedies: You can find ingredients in the kitchen that can soothe your skin on hot summer days; lemon and tomato are very effective in keeping skin fresh. You can freeze their juice in a tray of ice cubes, and then apply the ice cube to your face, letting the juice dry on your skin before washing it.
  8. Don't forget your lips and eyes: Be careful to protect your eyes with sunglasses during the day when the sun is hot, usually between 12 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and use lip balm!

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